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They say life is made of moments.  Particularly when you have young kids.  Two moments I want to remember today:

1. Ivy was upset this morning, having woken up a little grumpy and discovering that her favorite morning spot on the bed next to me was already taken, she was wailing and moping.  It didn't stop, so Kate found one of Ivy's favorite stuffed animals and play baby seat to take to her.  But before it could be delivered, Kate drew a picture of herself and Ivy, along with a flower.  Kate delivered the goods, and explained to Ivy that the flower meant, "I love you."  Ivy nodded when we asked if she liked her picture, and she wouldn't let me hang it up; she wanted it with her for awhile.  Her mood brightened. I love Kate's compassion and her desire to help make Ivy and James happy when they are sad.

2.  The other moment was in Dollar Tree.  As we combed the isles for play cowboy hats, Ivy came across some of those fake microphones that echo your voice to make it sound louder.  She was delighted with one, and began singing---not in her high 2 year old voice, but in the lowest, loudest voice she could muster--"alleluiaaaaaaaa,  luiaaaaaah, luiaaaaaaaaah," slow, drawn-out, and passionate.  She was giddy and smiley, and I couldn't bring myself to take the mic away, so I let her keep it and she sang as she followed me to the checkout.  She made the other people in the store laugh out loud, with the check out clerk woman saying repeatedly, "you keep singing, girl. Ha ha!"  Ivy was ADORABLE.  Her excitement melted my heart.